We would like to thank all the people who have been involved in the development of the Power in the Landscape project especially all our volunteers for their enthusiasm and expertise:

Many local people gave their help and added valuable information - members of the Hebden Bridge Local History Society, especially Frank Woolrych and Diana Monahon. We would also like to place on record our thanks to the owners of a number of the mill sites who made us welcome and generously allowed us access to the sites.

We would also like to thank Jeff Wilkinson, Curator of Industrial History, Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council, for support and encouragement in this project.

We would particularly like to thank John Uttley for permission to use photographs from the Jack Uttley Photo Library, the West Yorkshire Archive Service for permission to use plans and drawings of the mills, the Committee of the Hebden Bridge History Society and the trustees of the Alice Longstaff Collection for allowing us to use photographs in their collections.

Brian and Wendy Kohler were invaluable for their help on the water management systems and micro hydro - and offered much patient support.

Thanks to Jim Strom for researching the old photographs and for taking many new ones of the mill sites today. Also to Susie Feltham for the map of the Colden Valley, and to Polly Webber for the map of water powered mills in the Upper Calder Valley.

Also to Alan Hatheway for his help on the old gas making plants.

Also Elaine Beach, Tony Hogan, Avis Brown, Jim Botten, Jerry Clarke, Richard Peters, Steve Caunce, Derek Horsfall, Mike Stocks, Alan Bell, Marjorie King, Bede Mullen, Muriel Morrell, John Williams, Pamela Roulson, Chris Aspin, Ros Bryant, Eileen Connolly, John Fletcher, Rita Heywood, Malcolm Heywood, David Groves, David Smalley, Margaret Dennis, Ursula Holden Gill for her work on the audio visual of the Colden Valley.

We know that our exploration is incomplete and that there is plenty of further evidence waiting to be uncovered.  Any information on the mills and water wheels would be welcomed. We hope that you will find the story of water powered industry as interesting and enjoyable as we have done.



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Power in the Landscape 2007