Colden Valley Mills: MAPS and PLANs


Myers’ 1834-1835 Map of the Parish of Halifax

Courtesy of Halifax Reference Library

Upper Colden Valley section showing Broad Holme Dam and overflow spillway

Upper Colden Valley section showing the hand loom weavers’ cottages: Noah Dale, Pad Laith, Colden Water and Hoar Side

Upper Colden Valley section showing Salt Pie (Edge Mill), Rodmer Clough goit and reservoir + Land Mill reservoir

Mid Colden Valley section showing Hudson Mill, the two Lumb Mills and Lumb Bank

Lower Colden Valley section showing Eaves Mill and reservoirs + Mytholm Mill and reservoirs


Composite view of the Colden Valley section: Noah Dale to Mytholm


Hebden Bridge, 1907 Ordnance Survey Map


Mytholm Mill and reservoirs + Bankfoot Mill and reservoir

Eaves reservoirs + Bankfoot reservoir

Goit and overflow pond for Eaves Mills + workers’ cottages at Eaves Bottom

Upper Lumb Mill and reservoirs

Hebble Hole holding reservoirs used by the Lumb Mills

Rodmer Clough and Land Mill reservoirs, and Salt Pie, from ‘The Colden Valley with reference to the early textile industry’ by Jack Uttley


Sale of Mytholm Estate June 1868

West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale. DW:413/1

Mytholm Estate showing Eaves Upper and Lower Mills, reservoirs and goit + the workers’ cottages at Eaves Bottom, WYAS, DW:413/1

Mytholm Mill section showing Mytholm Mill and reservoirs + the workers’ cottages on King Street –WYAS, DW413/1

Enlarged plan showing Mytholm Mill, waterwheel, reservoirs and tunnel goit, WYAS, DW:413/1


Hebden Bridge, Ordnance Survey Map 1905

Bankfoot Mill showing the flue running up to the chimney in Granny Wood

Waterside Mill showing the goit running from the Colden


Heptonstall Parish Map 1836

Courtesy of Hebden Bridge Local History Society – MP 15

Bob Mill and the Lumb Mills + Eaves Mill and Bankfoot Mill

Field Boundaries around Jack Bridge and Colden



Plans for Lumb Bank and Lower Lumb Mills

West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale. DW:1217

Plan of the estate showing Lower Lumb Mill and Lumb Bank,WYAS, DW:1217


1820 Plan of Lumb Bank, WYAS, DW:1217

1820 Plan of Lumb Bank, WYAS, DW:1217

1855 Plan of Lower Lumb Mill showing the goit and reservoir + cottages and gas production, WYAS, DW:1217


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