Edge Mill Deeds

Edge Mill Deeds
The current owners of the property kindly allowed us to copy and photograph their old deeds. The first 1813 set has been transcribed in full. The others are just snippets.

1778 Mr John Ingram and others – Mr John Sutcliffe
1790 Mr John Sutcliffe’s mill
1802 Henry Sutcliffe 1st party, James Sutcliffe 2nd party, Mr Michael Heaton 3rd party
1808 Mr Heaton’s executors 1st party, Mr Henry Sutcliffe 2nd party, Mr William Mitchell 3rd party
1812 Mr William Mitchell to Mr Henry Sutcliffe
1813 Mr Henry Sutcliffe to Mr James Sutcliffe
1813 Mr Henry Sutcliffe, 1st party, Amos Ingham 2nd party, James Sutcliffe 3rd party
1821 Mr James Sutcliffe to Mr William Sutcliffe
1825 Mr Mitchell 1st party, Mr James Sutcliffe 2nd party, Mr Heaton 3rd party
1830 Mr James Sutcliffe

1813 3rd May
Lease for possession
Mr Henry Sutcliffe to Mr James Sutcliffe

This indenture made third day of May in 53rd year of King George 3rd in the year of our lord 1813 between Henry Sutcliffe of New House in Heptonstall, in the parish of Halifax in the county of York, cotton spinner of one part and James Sutcliffe of Edge within Heptonstall, aforesaid cotton spinner of the other part, witnesseth that for and inconsideration of the sum of five shillings of lawful money current in England to him the said Henry Sutcliffe in hand, paid by the said James Sutcliffe on or before the execution of these presents the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged. He, the said Henry Sutcliffe, hath bargained and sold by these presents does bargain and sell unto the said James Sutcliffe his executors, administrators and assigns all that newly erected mill or factory called the Edge Mill situated near the Edge in Heptonstall aforesaid with the two water wheels and other heavy going gear and three messuages, cottages or dwelling houses and other, the outbuildings thereto belonging and adjoining and also the several closes, fields and parcels of land on ground hereinafter mentioned that is to say, the Mill Field, the Bridge Field, the Middle Hey, the small Hey, the South Easterly part of the Bent Close as two divided and the dam in the Great Clough Hey as now staked out containing together by estimate 10 days work and a half or thereabouts according to the measure there used being part and parcel of  a certain estate called New House otherwise New House at Edge within Heptonstall, aforesaid and late in the tenure or occupation of the said Henry Sutcliffe his undertenants or assigns that now in the several tenures or occupations of the said James Sutcliffe, Thomas Sutcliffe, John Sutcliffe and John Marshall their assigns or undertenants together with all and singular roads, ways, paths, passages. water, watercourses and pools of water, mill dam, reservoirs, banks, ponds and streams of water, cauls, clowes and fells of water, liberties and privileges, profits, commodities, advantages, easements, rights, members and appurtenances  whatsoever to the said Mill or Factory, Lands and Premises belonging or in any way appertaining (particularly all the water which flows to the said mill in the watercourses through or over two certain closes called the Long Hey and the brink and brink other parcel of the said estate called New House aforesaid with liberty and privilege for the said James Sutcliffe, his heirs and assigns at all times and at his and their will and pleasure when necessary to open, clean and scour the said watercourse or passages which runs or flows through or over the said two closes called the Long Hey and the brink and also liberty and privilege to pass or repass on foot over or through the said two closes for that purpose doing as little damage as may be and making reasonable satisfaction for all other damage done to the herbage of the said closes thereby and the reversion and reversions remainder and remainders yearly and other rents, issues and profits of all the same premises with their appurtenances, to have and to hold the said mill and factory, water wheel and heavy going gear, messuages or dwelling houses, close fields and parcels of land or ground hereditaments and all and singular other premises hereby bargained and sold or mentioned or intended so to be with their and every of their appurtenances unto the said James Sutcliffe, his executors, administrators and assigns from the day next before the day of the date of these presents for during and unto the far end and term of one whole year from thence next ……… and fuller to be complete and ended to the intended purpose that by virtue of these presents and by force of the statutes made for transferring uses into possession. He, the said James Sutcliffe may be in the actual possession of all and singular the said hereby bargained and sold premises with the appurtenances and be thereby enables to accept or grant release or other conveyance of the reversion freehold and inheritance thereof to him, his heirs and assigns to the only proper use and behoof of him the said James Sutcliffe, his heirs and assigns absolutely forever in witness whereof the said parties to these presents have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year first above written.

May 4th 1813
As previous days but is a conveyance
Henry Sutcliffe, Amos Ingham, James Sutcliffe
Amos Ingham of Colden in Heptonstall, cotton manufacturers £490 of lawful monies …… for the absolute purchase of tenements and appurtenances.
Henry giving up all his xxx
James Sutcliffe discharged from all former leases, legacies and indentures
James Sutcliffe will make and maintain fence on SE side of Bent Close and ½
fence which separates and divides the Great Clough Hey. New House estate lately purchased by Amos Ingham an its been agreed that the same deeds and evidence and writings should be placed in possession of Amos Ingham, his heirs and assigns … unless prevented by fire or other inevitable accident, produce and show these documents.

Extracts from other deeds

1821 March 31st
Mortgage of mill and premises situate at or near the Edge in Heptonstall for securing £300 and interest. James Sutcliffe to William Mitchell
William Mitchell of High Greenwood lent James Sutcliffe £300. James Sutcliffe acknowledges receipt. James Sutcliffe grants to William Mitchell all that newly erected mill etc 10 ½ days work ….. New House and late in several tenures and occupation of the same James Sutcliffe, Thomas Sutcliffe, John Sutcliffe and John Marshall……… now John Sutcliffe, John Halstead, Abraham Uttley, James Thomas and Widow Greenwood together with ways, waters etc….unto the said William Mitchell for the term 1000 years hence ….. if demanded for the rent of a Peppercorn yearly…… providing James Sutcliffe or his heirs pay will or execute pay £300 back by 31st Sept …., then it is cancelled

1825 Jan 1st
Assignment and confirmation of mortgage for securing £20 and interest.

Between administrators of estate of late Mr Mitchell and Mr James Sutcliffe.
Mr Mitchell, 1st and James Sutcliffe, 2nd and Mr Heaton, 3rd
…… between Joseph Heaton of Lee, gentleman and Susannah his wife and Sarah Sutcliffe of Lee. Susannah and Sarah are administrators of goods and chattels of William Mitchell, late of High Greenwood, James Sutcliffe, late of Edge, now of Shuttleworth pasture in township of Briercliffe ….. as original deeds, newly erected mill etc……..and now long since past – estate and interest…. Became James Sutcliffe paid to Joseph Heaton, Susannah and Sarah, the sum of one hundred pounds in part of the £300 so due upon mortgage and also all the interest and hath applied to and requested Joseph Heaton pay off for him out of his own private monies, the sum of £200 the residue and in full of the said mortgage money for securing the repayment thereof….
1827 ………. If any default should happen (to £200) it may be lawful for saidMr Heaton to enter premises to take rents and profits. If Joseph Heaton doesn’t get £200 owing, the mill becomes his.

1830 22nd June
Conveyance of freehold, hereditaments called Lower New Edge and Edge Mill in Heptonstall.
Mr James Sutcliffe and Mr Laurence Ingham to Mr Richard Sutcliffe.
Indenture of four parts
Between Laurence Ingham of Slack in Heptonstall, yeoman of the first part, James Sutcliffe, former of Edge in Heptonstall, since of Shuttleworth Pasture in Briercliffe in County of Lancaster, now of Stubbin in Sowerby, yeoman of the second , Richard Sutcliffe of White Lee in Midgley, Surgeon, of the third part. And John Thomas of Hebden Bridge, surgeon, of the 4th part whereas the said James Sutcliffe being seized in fee of or otherwise well entitled to the messuage mill sands and hereditaments, hereinafter particularly mentioned and intended to be hereby granted and released with their appurtenances, Did by indenture bearing date 31 3 1821 … al that newly erected mill with two water wheels ….. £300 wit interest for the same at the time therein mentioned and now long since paid, ad whereas the said William Mitchell departed from this life intestate in about the month of Jan 1824, laving Susannah Heaton, the wife of Joseph Heaton, gentleman and Sarah Sutcliffe, spinster, his niece, who soon after his death procured letters of administration  …. Edge Mill …… and now converted into cottages or dwelling houses and tenanted

1878 5th May

…. Late in tenure and occupation of William Greenwood, his …. or assigns but now in the several tenure or occupation of William Crabtree and John Spook.



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